White Porsche Taycan Review – The Ultimate Guide About Features Of Porsche Taycan

White Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is a groundbreaking model that will eventually help revolutionize the electric car industry. It is a fully-electric car that looks and feels like a traditional Porsche.

It’s also enjoyable to drive a sports car. Its rear-wheel drive handling dynamics feel much better than its all-wheel drive counterparts from rival automakers.


The white porsche taycan is a high-end electric performance car that combines power, technology and luxury. The 2022 Porsche Taycan offers thrilling speeds, unmatched handling capabilities, and optimum efficiency.

This car has many features, including a well-designed dashboard with impressive infotainment screens. You will also find an abundance of safety technologies, including automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane changing assist, and parking assist.


In addition, the Porsche Taycan features luxurious leather seats that make driving this car an enjoyable experience. The seat material can be upholstered in 16 colors, and the seats feature electrically adjustable height.

Another great feature is the curved 16.8-inch touchscreen that displays the vehicle’s gauges and controls the navigation system. It’s not just the main central screen with many functions, though; there are also a pair of 8.4-inch touch screens below it, which allow you to adjust the climate settings and interact with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Unlike most vehicles in this class, the Porsche Taycan has an extra seat that can be placed in the rear, allowing adults to sit comfortably in the second row. In addition, the back row offers 16 cubic feet of cargo space.

This is because Porsche designed the interior of this vehicle to be functional without compromising on style or comfort. Its dashboard is reminiscent of the design found in the 1963 Porsche 911, but it’s more than just a throwback to the past; it’s a reflection of how the modern automotive world is evolving.

A small touch-control field for operating light and chassis features is on the dashboard’s left side. In addition, the driver can turn on “dark mode,” which makes the instrument cluster and the main screen blackout, letting drivers avoid eye fatigue during long road trips.

Likewise, the driver can also select the display settings for the curved center screen. These settings include the map mode, which replaces the traditional power meter, and the full map mode, which extends the map across the entire screen. The digital screen is also home to weather, calendar, news, and charging status information.


With a sloping hood and graceful body lines, the Porsche Taycan makes an immediate impression. This electric sedan is a modern take on the sports car genre, offering a dynamic design and a distinctive silhouette that stands out among its competitors.

The EV’s front fascia features a sporty grille that seamlessly integrates with the sculpted fenders to create an aesthetically pleasing profile. The headlights and air intake are positioned above the front fender line to give the vehicle an aggressive look.


Inside, the cabin is filled with technology, making this EV an absolute joy to drive. Two touchscreens and clever gadgetry complement the curved dashboard. One is Porsche Connect, a voice-activated interface that can read texts, news, and weather reports aloud and even provide traffic updates on your way to work.

A reversing camera is standard, as are auto emergency braking and traffic sign recognition. The EV also offers advanced driver assist technologies like Porsche InnoDrive, which adapts the car’s speed to traffic conditions.

There’s a new feature for 2021, too: a color head-up display that projects info directly in front of the driver. It can project navigation details, the power meter and other info.

Adaptive air suspension is also available, which raises the vehicle automatically for improved handling in various circumstances. It’s a valuable option that can be particularly handy in avoiding roadside hazards, such as speed bumps or driveways.

The rear end is likewise impressive, featuring a stunning light bar that adds to the EV’s striking appearance. In addition to the standard rear spoiler, the car also features a pair of diffusers that give it a sporty, sleek, and modern appeal.

The EV’s exterior is further enhanced by 19-inch wheels, LED-Matrix-Design headlights, and taillights with a dark-tinted surround. The interior has a distinctive look, with Race-Tex synthetic suede seats and a leather-trimmed steering wheel. Other unique details include GTS-specific badging and exterior mirror cap bottoms painted in body color to contrast their black bases.


The white Porsche taycan combines uncompromisingly sporty handling with optimum long-distance comfort. It is built around a newly designed high-tech lightweight body which accommodates the electric powertrain and Performance Battery Plus. All components have been developed and optimized with lightweight construction in mind.

White Porsche Taycan Features

The Taycan’s main structural frame is made of hot-formed steel, combining aluminum’s strength with titanium’s lightness. This makes the car highly resistant to bending while minimizing weight. The A-pillar structure, B-pillar inside/outside and side roof frame are also produced using this material.

At the front, Porsche uses a double-wishbone design with forged upper and lower aluminum wishbones and hollow-cast lightweight swivel bearings. The rear axle is based on a multi-link axle with forged upper and lower aluminum wishbones. A two-speed transaxle links the axles to the motors and drive wheels.

A centrally controlled network system analyzes the driving situation in all three dimensions (longitudinal, lateral and vertical acceleration) and shares this with the chassis systems in real-time. This adds a fourth dimension to chassis control, ensuring an integrated response to the driving situation.

This is achieved using the 4D Chassis Control that synchronizes all chassis systems in real time. The innovative suspension systems – adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology and PASM electronic damper control – and the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) electromechanical roll stabilization system and the recuperation function make up a unique and pioneering package.

Typical Porsche design cues such as the air curtains, LED matrix headlights and the four-point daytime running lights are incorporated into the exterior design. The sweeping aerodynamic profile and the broad, pronounced taillights – designed to appear as one unit – give the Taycan a distinctive visual identity.

range. This can be further optimized using the PAA system, which opens or closes the cooling air flaps depending on driving conditions.

In the standard model, the driver can choose between three driving modes – Normal, Efficiency and Sport – to suit different road surfaces and driving styles.

In Efficiency mode, the cooling air flaps are only open when necessary, the rear spoiler is set to the minimum drag, and all other systems operate in their most efficient configuration. Climate control, hydraulic pumps and headlights are driven at maximum efficiency, as are the brakes.


The Porsche Taycan is a four-door sports car that combines the performance of a traditional Porsche with the efficiency and range of an electric vehicle. It’s a truly unique offering.

While it can’t match the EPA-estimated 246 miles of range that the Tesla Model S offers, its stunning performance paired with a driving experience that is second to none makes it a true contender in the electric car world.

The Taycan’s power comes from two permanent magnet synchronous motors, a 93.4-kilowatt performance battery, and mated to an advanced two-speed transmission.

White Porsche Taycan Performance

This enables a power output that is up to 522 horsepower (Taycan 4S), 590 horsepower (Taycan GTS), 670 horsepower (Taycan Turbo), or 750 horsepower (Taycan Turbo S) using Overboost Power with Launch Control.

It can achieve a 0-60 MPH sprint in just over 3 seconds, and the 1/4 mile benchmark is reached in just 11.5 seconds. Its top speed is electronically limited to 155 MPH, and it has an impressive cruising range of up to 246 miles on a full charge.

In addition to a high-performance chassis, the Taycan boasts an efficient powertrain that helps it cut corners with impressive precision. The front and rear axles are powered by electric motors, while the rear is steered using Porsche Stability Management.

Despite its performance focus, the Taycan is surprisingly comfortable. It features an adaptive suspension that is soft enough to be a joy on city streets and freeways but firm enough to maintain control on the track. The 21-inch wheels and low-profile tires also offer a very smooth ride.

As with many new cars, the Taycan has its issues. There are a few minor bugs to work out, and the braking system can sometimes be unresponsive, but the overall experience is an absolute pleasure.

For the 2023 model year, Porsche has made several exciting updates to the Taycan. These include wireless Android Auto compatibility, native Spotify integration, a new user interface, and more.

Additionally, the navigation software has been updated to filter by DC fast charging station type. Lastly, the entry-level Taycan models with 19-inch base wheels have been upgraded to feature the striking Taycan S Aero wheels for an even more eye-catching look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Range Does The Porsche Taycan Have?

A: The Taycan has an EPA-estimated driving range of 246 miles on a full charge. It can be extended with air suspension and a rear spoiler, which reduces drag and increases efficiency.

Q: What Kind Of Powertrain Does The Porsche Taycan Have?

A: The Porsche Taycan is powered by two permanent magnet synchronous motors and a 93.4-kilowatt performance battery mated to an advanced two-speed transmission. It can produce up to 750 horsepower (Taycan Turbo S) using Overboost Power with Launch Control.

Q: Does The Porsche Taycan Have Any Driver-Assist Features?

A: The Porsche Taycan has various driver assist features, including adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring. Additionally, the navigation system has been updated to filter charging stations by type for added convenience.


The Porsche Taycan is a four-door sports car with all the power and performance you’d expect from a Porsche, combined with the efficiency and range of an electric vehicle. It boasts enormous power, capable of 0-60 sprints in just over 3 seconds, and its impressive cruising range of up to 246 miles makes it an excellent choice for long-distance trips. With its advanced two-speed transmission, adaptive suspension, and driver assist features, the Taycan delivers an unforgettable driving experience that’s second to none.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek sports car or a reliable electric vehicle with plenty of power, the Porsche Taycan has something to offer everyone.

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Porsche Taycan

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